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Looking forward to restarting #100Streets #indyref tour tomorrow in Edinburgh at 11am.
01 Sep 2014
LABOUR MP Jim Murphy is heading for the North-east on his 100-day campaign to persuade undecided voters to keep Scotland in the UK.
Less than a month to go until Scotland’s referendum and I’m now sixty meetings into my 100 open air street meetings across Scotland. I marked the halfway point in Glasgow city centre’s Buchanan Street. Hundreds of people joined in. The City Council Leader Gordon Matheson and I enjoyed the good old fashioned politics in the Glasgow drizzle.
Whoever you think is responsible for the latest bloody instalment of violence in Gaza and Israel there's one group that aren't. Why then do some people across the world including here in Scotland think it acceptable to point the finger of blame at this group? Who do I mean? Jews, of course.
Earlier today I posted an article that I have written for the Glasgow Herald saying that we should be vigilant about anti-semitism here and internationally. Clearly the events in France and elsewhere are on a much greater scale and terrifying nature than in Scotland.

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Jim Murphy MP takes his Irn Bru crates to Motherwell and is confronted by a nationalist mob.


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